April 24, 2006


According to Comment is free Cherie Blair is seen as greedy and grasping. Now there is a surprise, it is she after all that is the more socialist of the pair, Anthony being simply Fascist, so the greedy grasping nature of socialism (I want, so give or I get the state to deal with you) will be more deeply ingrained in her than him.


Blogger tomdg said...

Now there's a difference of perspective. To me the essence of socialism is sharing fairly (or evenly, depending on your point of view), whereas it is capitalism that is inherently grasping. The motivation which drives socialism is charity for others, whereas the motivation which drives capitalism is greed.

Or is the point that greed is ok if you're wealthy but not if you're poor?

9:36 am  
Blogger chris said...

One person works hard, another does not. Because he worked hard the first person gets more than the second.

So person that did not work hard jumps up and down, and screams for the state to make give him the same. Even though he did not earn it, just becuase he is greedily envious of the rewards of hard work.

The state steps in and takes from the first person to give some of what he earned to the person that did not. That is not fair, but that is the equality of outcome.

7:46 am  

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